Skeg City

by Somali Pirates



Somali Pirates 3rd and best 7". Out now on Indecision Records!!!


released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Somali Pirates San Diego, California

SOMALI PIRATES are a punk band from San Diego, CA featuring current and ex members of No Motiv, In Control, Retaliate, Gentlemen, Hammerkill, Let Em Rot, and PC Deathsquad. The Greatest Hits 7" e.p. will be released Late Oct 2012 on Camel Clutch Records. ... more

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Track Name: Skeg City
Who the fuck is that guy?
And what’s he doing out here?
He’s a sponger from the valley
And he’s wearing No Fear

You look like a turtle from below
So the sharks might get ya
…but if they don’t…
I’m gonna run your ass over
It won’t be pretty
You’ve got a one way ticket – to Skeg City

I see your girl laying out
I’m gonna lay you out
Your shit got jacked
Cuz you didn’t close your top
If you want to get it back
It’s at the local pawn shop
Track Name: Smoking at the Pumps
You’re always standing in my way
I hate you
You’re always talking, you got nothing to say
I hate you

I loved you once, I won’t love you again
It’s a shame that time moved on
I hate you more than I hate myself

Friday nights – they’re calling out to me
I hate you
I remember a time you used to set me free
I hate you
Track Name: Nawont
What happening outside?
To know is not my mission
Gonna shut off my brain
Turn on the television
Going to melt away
At my cerebral cortex tonight
Bored as all hell – got nothing to do
Flipping around and find the 10 o clock news
Lock the doors and grab my JIC tight

No I won’t, no I won’t, no I won’t…shut it off

Why would I go out into the city
My keyboard is my shield of anonymity
KBPS working overtime
I don’t need no vitamin d
And I don’t need no girl
I got porn I can stream
Feed me information through an intravenous USB
Track Name: SaanSaan Qayir
We left the shore about a quarter past two
The fog was like a veil to the fingernail moon
A ship appeared on the horizon right in our sights
But tonight, it didn’t feel just like any other night

There was thunder – Somali thunder

Bullets started flying past my head
I turned to Yaseen but he was already dead
I cursed the sea for taking him and my family away
And I prayed to the heavens that id live to see another day

There was thunder – Somali thunder
There was lightning – Somali lightning

If I’m gonna die – its Allah’s will

I turned the skiff around and headed back to the shore
I don’t want to live, don’t want to live this life no more
And as the shore arose at the edge of the sea
I’m gonna fly right through head straight for Djibouti
Track Name: Ain't No
Grown men grown up lives – tied up in the lie
All the more reason to rage
Hardcore running through my veins
Hometown pride my ball and chain
All the real they feel the same
Came up swinging boots and fists
Chula Vista punx & skins – got it tatted on my wrist
Sometimes I think that I should quit
As I contemplate and sit
Nah man, fuck that shit

Aint no passing phase – still in a punk band (RIP Peter Zirschky)

Getting old but I don’t stress
Won’t live life like the rest
Still rock my sleeveless vest
I never fit in with you fuckers when I was young
Years go by, now I see why
You’re a fucking poser I can see it in your eyes
You probably don’t know I want you to die
Still the same fucking dude
Still listen to records in my room
Aint got nothing to prove

Aint no passing phase – still in a punk band

It aint no passing phase
And we aint fucking around
Ill love this shit until the end of my days
We aint fucking around